Michele's First Album from 1985 - "Higher Than Mine"

I'm very thankful that my first album (from a very long time ago!) is available now for purchase on iTunes and other digital retailers! These are the very first songs I wrote after meeting Jesus many years ago.

These songs are very special to me as they were written shortly after I committed to make Jesus Lord of my life. Computers, Face book and Instagram were never in my view when I was writing these songs.

It is so easy to get caught up in the activities and frustrations of each day. It’s then I recall how He told me many years ago in a Bible Study, on John 9, Jesus healing the blind, which inspired me to tears, “If you would just concentrate on song writing I’ll take care of the rest”. I have tried to do that but it is not always easy. I pray to obey Him and continue to overflow songs and don't let the distractions, business and responsibilities of this world take away the opportunity to hear His voice!

I need to get a renewed first love in Him like I had in the 80’s where I always wrote songs from His Word. His promise is a reminder to obey Him and allow His word and truth to stay in my heart and mind though life’s many distractions. I pray to make it my aim to please and glorify Him!

I hope you enjoy these songs and they draw you closer to renewing your first love in Jesus!


Here is my first song “Lord I Pray ‘Hallelujah” https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hallelujah-lord-...

https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/higher-than-mine... And the video on this special song "Final Victory" written by Dave Fullen who produced my first album.

Hallelujah (Lord I Pray)

By Michele Wagner

Verse 1

Lord I pray, I build upon You every day

Many blocks of righteousness

And oh dear Lord I pray I seek You first in every way

So I may grow in Your strength


I just want to say that I believe in You

I know sometimes I don’t really want to

But I can’t deny that Your truth is real

No matter how I feel and I’ll sing


Hallelujah to my King oh I’ll keep on singing

Hallelujah to my King

Verse 2

Holding on to all these troubles on my mind

I try to deal with them all myself

But now I see why You came to earth to die for me

You paid the price for my misery


Repeat Chorus to End

 2014 Safe Place Music/ASCAP

CCLI #7043512

Here is the video of the powerful song 'Final Victory" my producer Dave Fullen wrote and asked me to sing on and add on my first album.

i pray this song encourages you!