Abide In Christ - from Joshua 1:9, John 15

Our Sunday’s sermon, on Being A Risk Taker really touched my heart and impacted my life! Pastor Joe Valenti spoke from Joshua 1:9 and John 15 at my church, Cuyahoga Valley, February 27th.

He said it's important to be a people committed to God's Word and be confident in God's promises. We should Look to God, not yourself because He is with you and will never leave you.

We can be empowered in God's presence. So do you trust the power of God's presence for your life? Be confident in God. He yields His power on His behalf. The Holy Spirit is our fuel to impact our lives and the world. Don't focus on yourself, be confident on your looks, for you are His. beloved child. Be confident in your abilities. If we’re self-focused, we’re not God focused. Look to God; Stand firm on the promises of God.

As we sink in God's Word we'll be transformed and naturally want to be obedient.

As we seek Him we will find Him. If we're spending time in God's Word we don't have to pray to God about every little thing we do. Don't over spiritualize.

We'll be confident and we will know what God is calling us to do. Be a people committed to God's Word, willing to do Bible studies and seek Him with all our hearts. Then we will make decisions and move forward, as we get godly advice. Stop overthinking. If we're not empowered by the Holy Spirit then we're wasting our time.

Jesus is the ultimate risk taker. He opened Himself up to sin.

The greatest risk in your life is to follow Jesus!